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Meet Barr Farms

We're a seventh generation family farm in Rhodelia, KY. We raise great tasting meats and certified organic vegetables for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farmers Markets.  Our intention is to steward this land in a just way, by growing healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people, and healthy communities.

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Seasonal subscription to veggies and meat

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between a farmer and an individual or family. In this relationship, the family or individual becomes part of the farm, signing up to receive a share of vegetables or meats each week in exchange for paying for some or all of the 24-week season of vegetables upfront in the winter, when farms need capital for seeds and other infrastructure. In other words, a CSA is a seasonal subscription to organic veggies and meats! With a Barr Farms CSA, you receive great tasting, nutrient dense food like organic veggies, grass-fed beef and pastured chicken and build a relationship with your local farmer.

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About the Farmers

We believe in healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy community. That's why we've chosen to farm and feed our local neighbors, including you! Everything we grow is raised with love and care to ensure the best quality and nutrition for our customers and to take care of the soil for the next seven generations.

Learn More About Barr Farms
Collection of four images of farmers from Barr Farms near Louisville Kentucky. The top left photo is Adam of Barr farms holding  Kale. Top right image is the Barr Farms family holding sweet potatoes. Bottom right image is a farmer picking Kale on the farm in Rhodelia Kentucky.  The bottom right is of two farmers packing Kale into a green bin.
“We have so enjoyed our boxes, it's almost as good as Christmas!  And our horizons have broadened greatly as we've become more veggie-centric!  It's been a joy, and we absolutely love knowing we're helping in a very small way to support you and your family.“ ​-- Betsy W.
“I love seeing how colorful my meals are in the summer when I cook with my CSA vegetables, love knowing the people whose hands have grown and harvested it and, love the most how the food grows my kids!” -- Nancy R.

“Barr Farms has been feeding our family for a lucky 7 years now!  We are beyond grateful for the love and sacrifice that has been infused in the beautiful organic produce, humanely-tended meats and the other bounties that are offered through their CSA...”  ​-- Stephanie B.

A CSA subscription comes with:

  • Organic vegetables and/or sustainably raised meats, grown by your local farmer
  • Complete customizability, based on what’s in season
  • Flexibility in scheduling and order size
  • Peace of mind … your food is healthy for you and the planet
  • Connection with your farmer and the land
  • Cooking help … We support you in your cooking journey.
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Collection of four images from Barr Farms, a local farm that provides grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and organic produce near Louisville, Kentucky. Top left photo is a lady with organic veggies. The top right is a photo of strawberries. Bottom right photo is a couple with a basket of organic veggies. Bottom left photo is a colorful photo of fresh produce.