Healthy land, healthy people, healthy community.

We're a seventh-generation family farm in Rhodelia, KY. We raise organic produce, 100% grass-fed beef and pastured chicken on our 260-acre farm.

A seventh-generation family farm

We're Adam Barr and Rae Strobel of Barr Farms. Adam's family has stewarded this land for seven generations (our kids are the eighth). We recognize this is the ancestral lands of the Cherokee, Osage and Shawnee peoples. It’s important for us to maintain the land to honor both our direct family lineage along with the heritage of those who tended to the land for generations.

We're one of the first farms in the area to offer customizable CSA farm shares. We see our farm as part of a larger community-- a network of people who are interdependent with each other.  We grow healthy food for our family, friends and farm community.

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Family photo for Barr Farms, a local farm in Rhodelia Kentucky

Farm Philosophy

Caring for the land and soil for the next seven generations is in the forefront of our farming practices. We nourish the soil with compost from our farm and other natural ways to bring nutrients and minerals back to the land to improve the health of the soil, land, and crops. 

We do not use chemical fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide, but instead work to maintain a balanced, healthy soil to help grow healthy plants and food.

Photo collection of images of Barr Farms local meat farm near Louisville Kentucky. Top right photo is a basket of squash from the organic farm near Louisville. Top middle photo is a picture of the family. Top right photo is pastured chicken from the local meat farm. Bottom left photo is Kale. Middle bottom photo is a cow for 100% grass-fed beef. Bottom right photo is organic produce.

Alternative Energy Practices


As part of our commitment to caring for the earth, we are implementing alternative energy systems when possible. In 2011, we installed a solar-powered water pump for irrigation from our pond. In 2021, we made the leap to solar for our house and the main business location... our pack shed and meat freezers! We received a REAP grant for the business portion to help offset the cost. The system was installed in Fall 2021, and should cover most of the energy needs for the business!


Our farming practices center water flow and conservation. We've dug and maintain ponds, invest in drip irrigation, use water harvesting systems from our high tunnels, plan the layout of our fields, including both the use and direction of raised beds, to maximize water for crops without flooding or runoff. We set up systems thinking about how water flows on our farm to prioritize clean water.

Compost, Cover Crops and Biochar

We're always working to improve the quality of the soil. Healthy soil grows healthy people. Cover crops help bring nutrients into the soil and prevent runoff. We make our own compost on the farm and are working with a neighbor to make "biochar" which is basically nutrient-infused charcoal which brings nutrients into the soil and stabilizes them for generations to come. While some tout it as a “new technology”, the principles are based in multiple African and indigenous communities worldwide.

The team behind the farm

Each member is vital in ensuring Barr Farms brings you great produce and meats.

Adam Barr

Adam grew up in Lexington, coming to the family farm on weekends and in the summer.  After graduating from Case Western Reserve University with a dual degree in Biomedical Engineering and Spanish Literature, he lived abroad for a few years working as an intern at the State Department in Argentina, and in environmental nonprofits.  

Adam first became interested in sustainable agriculture after reading Wendell Berry while living in South America.  Adam moved back to the US and spent a couple of years apprenticing and working on other small, family farms.  This helped Adam decide to continue farming his family's land, to preserve the heritage of the farm, and contribute to developing a local food infrastructure in Kentucky.

He is involved with the Community Farm Alliance, a nonprofit that uses grassroots organizing to affect policy change at the state and local levels.  He is also President of the board of Sustainable Agriculture Louisville, which helps educate young farmers.  He is passionate about developing ways for young people to get on land and begin to farm.  

Outside of farming, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, speaking Spanish, and traveling.

Rae Strobel

Rae grew up in Louisville, where she loved being in the outdoors.  After graduating from UK, she spent time living in the mountains of New Mexico, and in Portland, OR, where she first became aware of our country's industrial food system, and the need to know where our food comes from.  She apprenticed on a farm in southern Kentucky before traveling around the world for a year, working on farms, doing pilgrimage, and connecting with people in the countries where she traveled.  

She helps on the farm with a lot of behind the scenes work, including website and communications, including helping CSA members understand what is happening on the farm seasonally, and what to do with their awesome produce! She helps out where she can in planting, cultivating, harvesting, packing, delivering and whatever needs doing.

Rae loves spending time with her three kids, helping them discover the farm and the world. In addition to the farm, she works one day a week in Louisville at the Kentucky Foundation for Women and is involved in local food justice movements and organizations. She is a spiritual director, and leads  farm-based reflection retreats.  Contact Rae at for more information about retreats or spiritual direction.


Cedar loves to climb, explore the farm and take care of animals. She is helpful, loving and extremely energetic.


Hazel loves to play with her siblings and her babies (she named three babies “Kale Salad.”). She is curious and independent, adventurous and loving.


Sylvan loves reading, writing, drawing and playing wildly. He is thoughtful and funny, full of energy and love.

Team photo of Barr Farms farmers who work together to bring great produce and meats for those interested in local farms near me, organic farms near me and local meat farms near me.

Alex Guzman Casillas

Alex is from the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. He comes to live and work on Barr Farms during the growing season (March-October) under the H2A temporary foreign worker visa program. Alex is skilled in driving tractors and trucks and packing orders. He has a wife, daughter and step-son. He likes to play and watch soccer, especially the Mexican league.

Rosalio Ramos Aguilar

Rosalio is from the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. He comes to live and work on Barr Farms during the growing season (March-October) under the H2A temporary foreign worker visa program. He has a lot of experience farming. He grew up helping his family in the fields and had his own enterprise growing hot peppers. He is a proud godfather and devoted uncle.

Jose de Jesus Ramos Aguilar

Jose is from the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. He comes to live and work on Barr Farms during the growing season (March-October) under the H2A temporary foreign worker visa program. Jose is the brother of Rosalio. The brothers recently bought land together and Jose has recently built a new house there for his wife and 1 year old son.

Amado Fernandez Luna

Amado is the tractoristo of the farm crew. He is incredibly skilled at tuning up tractors and implements to work smoothly. Also from the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, he comes to live and work on Barr Farms during the growing season (March-October) under the H2A temporary foreign worker visa program. He has 7 children and enjoys music.

Enrique Guzman Casillas

The newest member of the farm crew, Enrique is Alex’s brother. From the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, he comes to live and work on Barr Farms during the growing season (March-October) under the H2A temporary foreign worker visa program.  While Enrique is new to the farm, he has experience raising produce in Mexico, and is learning the ropes quickly!

Becca Midgett

Becca loves all aspects of the farm, planting seeds, tending plants and caring for animals. She helps wash and pack vegetables in the pack shed and makes sure the produce is taken care of. She is a new proud mother of twins(!!) and is looking forward to  returning to the farm after maternity leave.

Jadie Early

Jadie helps in the pack shed, washing and packing vegetables during the growing season. She is positive, energetic and always smiling. She enjoys spending time with family and helps take care of her mother-in-law.

Meet our farm partners

In our effort to bring you the best quality local food and develop the local food ecosystem, we're partnering with some farm neighbors and friends to bring you great food you can purchase as extras. While the main CSA share is all from Barr Farms, you can choose to purchase these extras when it’s time to customize your share. Here are our partners:

Abby's Elderberry Syrup

From local elderberry and local honey, made in Breckinridge County. Learn more about Abby's elderberry syrup here.

Red Tree Gourmet Mushrooms

Raised on actual logs outside, by our friends Leah and Steve in Upton, KY.


Made by Chef Eneitra Beattie. The best you’ll have! From high quality, local farm ingredients, choose either super spicy, or mild and tangy. Learn more about GreenznTingz here.