Love fresh, local food? A CSA might be for you.

A CSA share supports a small family KY farm, and keeps money in the community. Plus, you're getting the best tasting food around.

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*Only fruits and vegetables are USDA Organic

About the CSA

A CSA is a seasonal subscription to veggies and meats! You get great tasting, incredible food and build a relationship with your local farmer. The vegetables in our shares are certified organic, high quality and nutrient dense. Meat shares offer 100% grass fed beef, pastured chicken and pork. Pickup at farmers markets or multiple delivery locations throughout Louisville or surrounding areas. 24 weeks of seasonal vegetables or meats (or both), mid-May through October.

A few benefits of our customizable CSA are:

  • Customize based on your tastes: get what you want, not what you don’t!
  • Choose the size and frequency that's right for you: small, regular or abundant, weekly or biweekly for each size.
  • Multiple delivery locations, including home delivery. Find a location close to your home or work, or ask us to set up a new one.
  • Flexible scheduling: put a vacation hold on your box, or change delivery locations for a week or two.
  • Cooking help… recipes and tips in your inbox.
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Main Season Ordering

Our main CSA season runs from May - October. Getting started with the CSA is easy.
The CSA is seasonal, based on what is fresh each week.  But the best part about Barr Farms CSA? You get to choose!  Here's how it works:

2. Choose what you want each week

Based on our seasonal weekly harvest, you'll get a notification about what's in your box. Keep it as is, swap items or add extras! You can add meat to your veggie share, or veggies to your meat share!

1. Choose your delivery location, share size and frequency

After you create your account, you choose where you'll get your box, how big it is, veggies and/or meats, and how often you want it. Sign up for home delivery or pick up from a location.

3. Cook delicious meals

For each delivery, you'll get an email with recipe suggestions, cooking tips, and videos. We also provide cooking ideas in our CSA newsletter, blog, and our members-only Facebook group.


Veggie & Meat Shares

We know that a ‘one size fits all’ model doesn’t work. That’s why we offer our subscribers options. We offer 3 share sizes and you can choose to get a CSA weekly or every other week, depending on your family size and lifestyle.

Organic Veggies- Small

Small feeds 1-2 people, 5-6 items per box and starts at $23.

Organic Veggies- Regular

Regular feeds 3-4 people with 6-10 items per box and is $29.

Organic Veggies- Abundant

Abundant feeds 4+ (9-14 items per box) and is $37 per box. Best for large families, or those with veggie-centric diets.

Meat-Share Samplers

Typically your order starts with 2-3 items. As an example, an assortment at this price might include:  1 lb ground beef, 1 pack chicken leg quarters and 1 pack pork brats. Example 2: 1 whole chicken, 1 lb ground beef.

Swap in and out to get exactly what you want!
Starts at $24.00/box

Meat Share - Grillers

Typically 3-4 items begin your order.
An assortment at this price might include:  1 whole chicken, 1 pk pork burgers, 1 pk of beef brats, and 1 lb ground beef. Example 2: 1 pk ribeye, 1  whole chicken, 1 pack beef brats.

Swap in and out to get exactly what you want!
Starts at $36.00/box

Meat Share - Carnivores

Typically 4-6 items begin your order.
As an example, an assortment at this price might include:  1 lb ground beef, 1 top sirloin steak, 1 pack chicken breasts (or a large whole chicken), 1 pack baby back ribs.

Swap in and out to get exactly what you want!
Starts at $51.00/box.

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Off-season ordering

Off-season ordering runs from November - March. Monthly pickup. Typically meats are available and limited veggies. Check in those months for a link to the online store. Main season CSA members get a discount and first access to ordering.
Click here for winter ordering.

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